Snoozy Sundays



A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Well here’s hoping this ones a true saying!

The weather in Northern Ireland can be pretty unpredictable, four seasons in one day isn’t unheard of and today was no exception. Dark skies and drizzly rain didn’t do much for the weekend vibes this morning. Grumpy kids from late night weekends and even grumpier mummy and daddy from later nights meant the mood is the house was far from rosy. Everyone was admittedly feeling a little bit tetchy.

We needed out of the house before cabin fever set in on top of the peevish mood. I could happily have went back to bed and slept my bad mood into non-existence but my youngest son has the same level of energy as a Duracell bunny and I knew I would regret not tiring him out when it came to bed time. So off to the local pool we set, I called my brother who (was also feeling a bit tender after a heavy night last night) met us there with my gorgeous 2 year old nephew.

I thought the pool would be a bit manic given the weather and the fact that the pool is only open over a three hour period on a Sunday but thankfully it wasn’t too crowded. We had a swim, played ball, the boys jumped into the pool and generally just splashed about having great fun. When we got out of the pool the sun was shining! A glorious afternoon, warm and sunny. My bad mood was definitely gone so I was glad I had gotten off my backside and done something active with the boys. I decided to give making a big Sunday dinner a miss and grabbed a chinese takeaway on the way home instead. (My husband is on slimming world but we allow ourselves the odd treat). By the time we got home half an hour later the heavens had opened again and it was pouring with rain surprise, surprise!

I’ve just finished getting the boys bags ready for school and my own bag ready for work, lunches and snacks all prepared. My husband has lit our stove for the first time this year which has created a lovely warm cosy feeling in our kitchen so I am feeling very settled and content as the clock ticks towards bed time. Oh I also had a sneaky sleep too that probably helped as well! Hubby just making some pancakes for supper so all in all a lovely day after not a great start. Here’s hoping line on this post rings true. I’ll let you know later in the week!

Happy Sunday everyone x



Hello Peeps!

I have finally taken the plunge and after years of enjoying reading other people’s blogs I have decided to ┬ádive in and create my own! Have to admit it’s a bit scary and I did have second doubts about it. I suppose it’s a bit like bearing your soul to the world and you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea so you are opening yourself up to negative comments and criticism. But what the hell I’m going to give it a go anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained, right???

La Vida Loca, for those who don’t know, means the crazy life in Spanish. My life seems to be a little crazy a lot of the time so it seemed to be quite apt (I’m not Spanish just thought it sounded more snappy than the crazy life)! I live in Northern Ireland with and two sons who are 15 and 9 and I work part-time hours Monday – Friday. The boys still need a lot of attention but as they have gotten older I’m finding I have more spare time to myself and as I have always been interested in writing I thought a blog would be a great way to start improving my writing skills while making some like-minded friends. The lifestyle part of the blog name is because I envisage my blog posts to reflect little snippets of my everyday life.

So follow me and I’ll follow you and let’s make the journey fun!